Falcon EST220 Night Deposit Safe


designed to be used by Business Customers to deposit funds to their account outside branch opening hours. The customer requires a key to put the credits into a Night Safe drawer, which is then dropped into the secure Night Safe box

Handling Charge per Floor (+RM105.00)

Position to upper floor by stairs: ( select ‘0’ for ground Floor or lift provided)

Change to Electronic lock


Pre-Order : Estimate Waiting Time 6 weeks


  • Size: Exterior H720 x W510 x D530 mm
  • Size: Interior H410 x W360 x D335 mm
  • Weight : 230 KG
  • Locking System: Combination Lock + Cawi Key Lock 8 Level(fully import from Germany) Vds Certified
  • Accessories: c/w 1 adjustable Shelf, Drawer Trap



EuroSafe Drawer Trap Catalogue 1 EuroSafe Drawer Trap Catalogue 2





Additional information

Weight325 kg