YMI D50N Electronic Digital Safe


  • YMI Non-Fire Resistant Safe
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to use



YMI Electronic Digital Safe (D50N)


  • User Friendly – Simple and Easy to use;
  • Suitable for home / office use;
  • Can be bolted on the floor / wall (holes are ready at the bottom & back of the safe. Screws are provided inside the safe box);
  • Envelop Slot is an optional fitting. We can open the envelop slot on top of the safe upon customer request. (Additional Charges)


YMI D50N (Non-Fire Resistant Digital Safe Box)

  • Model: D50N
  • Size: 500H x 350W x 330D mm
  • Door Thickness: 6mm
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Fire Resistance: NO
  • Locking System: Programmable Digital Lock
  • Accessories: c/w Manual Book, 1 Pair of Emergency Key (master key), 2 Pairs of Wall Plug, 2pcs of Adjustable Shelves, 4pcs of AA Batteries.
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR WARRANTY for Locking System.

Origin: Made in China


Notes: YMI Digital Safe (D50N) is a non-fire resistant safe. The safe can be bolted on the wall or ground to prevent people from carry away the safe. There are 2 opened holes behind and under the safe respectively.

The programmable digital lock is run by 4 units of AA batteries. The batteries can last about 3 months if frequently used by user. When the batteries run out, emergency keys can be used to open the safe. There is a light indication for battery low. The safe is easy to operate and user friendly as emergency keys can be used to open the safe when user forgot their password or the keypad not functioning.


  • 1 Year Warranty on Locking System.
  • Users may set their own preferred password (3 to 8 digits)
  • Free Delivery within Klang Valley areas.
  • NO handling charges




YMI D50N internal

YMI D50N internal shelves

YMI D50N inside wardrobe

Additional information

Weight24 kg
Fire Resistance Rating


ByPass Key / Master Key



4 pcs AA Batteries

Castor Roller


Mouting Hole


Internal Drawer