Uchida UBH-57VE Fire Resistant Safe (Digital Lock)


UCHIDA are manufactured with state-of-the-art technology and craftmanship to provide the best protection of your documents and valuables against the threat of fire & burglary.

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Model: Uchida UBH-57VE  Fire Resistant Safe (Digital Lock)


1. Keylock + Programmable Digital Lock
2. Changeable password
3. Magnetic touch key available for overriding in case of forgotten password
4. LED Screen with backlit button
5. “Lo Ba”indication when batteries level is low
6. Wrong codes attempted 4 times will put the digital lock on hold for 5 min
7. 2 moving bolts + 2 fixed bolts
8. Mounting hole : 1 floor mounting hole with bolt provided.
9. Can fit A4 size documents.
10. Can fit up to 3 arch files (with shelf & tray removed)
11. A slide cover to protect the numbered keypad from the outsider.
12. Certified for 2 hours fire resistant (JIS Rating).
13. Made in Korea.



  • Model: UBH-57VE
  • Dimension (external): 500H x 350W x 425D mm
  • Dimension (internal): 381H x 236W x 306D mm
  • Weight: 57kg / 121lbs
  • Capacity: 27.5 Litres
  • Fire Resistant (JIS rating): 2 Hours
  • Locking System: Keylock + Programmable Digital Lock
  • Accessories: 1 plastic tray, 1 adjustable plastic shelf ; 1 pair of operational keys, 1 set of floor mounting bolt, 1 magnetic touch key, 1 instruction manual
  • Warranty:1 Year Warranty on Locking System (against manufacturing defects).


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uchida UBH-57VE

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