ChubbSafes RPF 5203 – 3 Drawer Cabinet (2hrs Fire Resistance)


Chubbsafes Record Protection Filing Cabinets provide fire protection for any paper based documents in the event of a severe fire. It is tested and certified to the Underwriters Laboratories test standard UL72 Class 350 (Fire Endurance Test) for paper protection against fire.

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Model: Chubbsafes RPF 5203 3 drawer cabinet


  • Cabinet body overall thickness of 57mm insulated with Chubbsafes patented PCDE fire resistant material.
  • The drawers constructed with an overall thickness of 56mm.
  • 2 hour fire rate in compliance to UL 72 Class 350 (Fire Endurance Test)
  • Central Locking: One 3-wheel keyless combination lock and One key lock on the top drawer’ controlling all drawers.
  • Individual Locking: One 3-wheel keyless combination lock and key lock on the top drawer’ controlling all drawers. In addition, there is one key lock on each subsequent drawer.
  • A choice of Electronic Lock may also be fitted.



  • Model: Chubbsafes 5203
  • Dimension (external): 1206H x 551W x 824D mm
  • Dimension (drawer): 292H x 387W x 645D mm
  • Weight: 270kg
  • Fire Resistant: 2 Hours (UL 72 Class 350 rating)
  • Locking System:
    • Option a: Combination Central Locking System
    • Option b: Combination Individual Locking System (Default)
    • Option c: Digital Central Locking System
    • Option d: Digital Individual Locking System

Catalogue: ChubbSafes 5203 Filling Cabinet

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Weight270 kg



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